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Maladaptive Day Dreaming

Have you ever just sat on a desk or laid in bed for hours without realizing it because you were Day Dreaming? I have.

This has been going for over two years now. Originally, I thought I was suffering from ADD or something in that manner. But, I have done my research, and this is 100% real and people actually are suffering from this.

What is MDD? Well, it’s simply the action of day dreaming constantly without realizing how much time is passing by. Many times, the dreams are very complex and detailed. Most of the times, you just look like you’re in a daze. Now, people with MDD aren’t mentally ill. They don’t exchange realities with their dreams and they don’t act them out or anything. They’re not crazy. haha I’m not crazy.

How does this happen to me? Well a quick demonstration:

Today, I went to high point coffee to get some coffee and read for my Cell biology class. Pretty normal stuff. I get my coffee, sit on the table, and open my book. As I’m reading, I look at my surroundings and it being the “love” month.. I noticed a lot of lovey dovey couples everywhere.. and I get a thought.. Hmm, I wish I had a significant other. — Now normal people would have just sighed and finished reading the book or something.. but no, not me. My mind didn’t stop there. It continued on making a scenario. I began to picture, if I did have a significant other, what would he look like.. so as my scene is playing in my head, this person’s appearance is constantly changing.. then, how would we meet? and so on and so on… this went on for a whole good hour. Can you believe that? Damn.

Now, that’s just a very simple example of what happens during MDD, I do this a lot, very constantly. I would day dream of me doing and being anything I could put my mind to. A super star, a singer, musician, skydiving, even being in the library studying. It all begins with ONE thought. And kaboom, the movie starts playing. The problem is that it goes on for hours. Not just a few minutes. Anything triggers my imagination to have these long hours of daydreaming. Then, I snap out of it, and continue doing what I was suppose to do. It’s really crazy.

Unfortunately, this is a new subject being studied, and as of today.. Not many are aware of it, or is there medications for it. But, it is real. I am living proof it is. So, if you suffer from this, you are not alone. And notice that I did say ‘suffer’. I say this because… It disrupts my life in a way that I stop what I’m suppose to be doing. For example, in my scenario above, I stopped reading for my exam.. something I needed to be doing.

Let me clarify that this doesn’t mean that you’re crazy, or stupid or whatever. I happen to attend one of the most well known universities, with a very competitive GPA. I actually had a Pharmacy School interview today where they assured me that I was more than qualified. So, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. It just means, that maybe you’re different? I don’t really know.

I hope to learn more about this and know of ways to manage it. As of for now, I try to maintain myself occupied. I mean occupied and in actively doing something that requires me to move and be active. If I sit and try to read a book for a long time.. I will probably day dream. But, if I’m let’s say talking with friends, hanging out, watching a movie or whatevs, it doesn’t happen. It’s weird… But, yeahh. Just thought I’d share this with you all.. In case you’re suffering or think you’re suffering from this.

Good Day.

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Everything in moderation – Coffee

20130128-194945.jpgI don’t know of any college student who has not ever had a cup of coffee throughout their college years. I remember during high school never would I have had imagined I needed such drink. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even like it. I thought it was only a drink older adults drank because it was “the thing to do.”

I remember several times during my routine doctor visits my doctor would advice me to lower my caffeine intake because it was causing minor health problems. I kind of disregarded the advice since I loved it so much – I’m sure many of you have done the same thing at some point. haha

Well, my need for coffee got so bad that if I didn’t have my coffee everyday at the right amounts, I would start getting bad withdrawals. I remember my first withdrawal. Oh, it was this terrible headache that turned into a migraine It was definitely long-lasting. I had it for a whole week straight that it interfered with my studies and sleep. My mood was horrible, and I was extremely irritable. Even a simple good morning from a friend was annoying. (haha sadly but true).

At that time, I did not know the cause of it. I did not think that it was because I did not have had caffeinated coffee. That weekend, I decided to make myself a coffee to try to “relax,” and yes that was the end of it. After a few sips, it was as if nothing had happened. So I guess you could say, I was a caffeine addict. Yes, I was.

Since then I started to put limitations on myself because, it seemed like a big problem. I had suffered a whole week because of a drink. I began to think a lot on the subject of “addictions.” I began to sympathize to those who had them of any kind. They needed help, I needed help.

Since then, I began to limit my intake. Trust me it was rough. Going from 5-6 cups of coffee per day, to now maybe 1 cup of coffee per week was a struggle that took me a good year to accomplish. It took me that long because I had to get my body to adjust to such changes, ya know? I could have easily just stopped drinking coffee.. but my body would react to it.

Now, coffee has become very pleasurable. I now can find its taste, and differentiate all the different kinds. (you taste buds really become immune when you drink so much)

My favorite is Dark Roast, 2 splendas and no cream. Mmm. Delicious..

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